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    ACCIONA's workforce of more than 30,000 spans the five continents.

    ACCIONA works to create highly skilled and diverse teams that are fully equipped to add value to the business and work in a highly demanding and constantly evolving environment. At the same time, we take care to foster a company culture based on high performance, equal opportunities, social responsibility and the employee satisfaction.


    32,835 People


    486,445 Hours

    Professionals From

    110 Nationatilities

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    78% Employees
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    Our team

    In recent years, ACCIONA has developed into a company with a clearly defined mission, committed to sustainable development and offering career opportunities in some of the most dynamic emerging sectors around the world.

    We have shown ourselves to be a company committed to the professional success and the development of our employees, continuously investing in the advancement of our professional talent. We also place a high priority on employee health and safety, which differentiates our business practices.

    ACCIONA's formation


    We have created an innovative corporate training experience at ACCIONA University.
    ACCIONA is at the forefront of the design and application of advanced HR management tools for training. A clear example of this is the ACCIONA University, a challenge undertaken by the Company years ago which has led to great success.


    For ACCIONA, the prevention of occupational risks is an indispensable requirement to ensure the health and safety of its employees and collaborators. Our approach to health and safety sets us apart.

    ACCIONA has a specific Occupational Risk Prevention Strategy and Action Plan in place, which sets out to comply with legal requirements; educate, inform and raise awareness among employees with regard to their obligations and responsibilities, and obtain the commitment of the entire organization to put safety first .

    At ACCIONA, we are aware that we work in sectors that are particularly sensitive to these problems. Therefore, we place special emphasis on prevention as is demonstrated by the certifications we have obtained and by the notable reduction in the Company's accident rate.


    A company's success depends on the people who are part of it. At ACCIONA, we believe diversity and equality are the cornerstones of social progress and growth - the core of our corporate philosophy.

    ACCIONA has made a commitment to the ethical values and principles that promote equal opportunities in all aspects of personnel management. Furthermore, we have implemented programs, internal procedures and actions aimed at creating a working environment which embraces diversity and rejects discrimination of any kind.

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