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Santander 's Data Processing Centre in Brazil


The project requires the construction of a 670,000-square metre complex and has a budget of 75 million euros.

 The project requires the construction of a 670,000-square metre complex and has a budget of 75 million euros.

 ACCIONA has been selected by Banco Santander to build its Data Processing Centre in the city of Campinas, Brazil, to support the bank's operations in Latin America.

The project, which has a budget of 75 million euros, calls for the construction of a complex with a floor area of 89,000 square metres, including two data centres (each more than 28,000 square metres) and a logistics centre. The buildings will be equipped with cutting-edge technology and communications equipment to house and support the bank's IT systems.

The complex, on a 670,000 square metre plot, will also have 342,000 square metres of landscaped area including utilities and gardens and will be equipped with energy and water efficiency technology to reduce its environmental impact.

As Banco Santander's nerve centres, the Data Processing Centres will be built to the highest security standards to ensure autonomous, uninterrupted operation.

In addition to this project for Banco Santander in Brazil, ACCIONA recently obtained a contract for the engineering, design and construction of a the breakwater for a shipyard at the Brazil's Açu port complex in São João da Barra. This shipyard will be the largest of its kind in Latin America and a standard-setter for naval construction in Brazil. Planned capital expenditure exceeds 400 million euros. ACCIONA will employ a proprietary, innovative caisson construction method.

ACCIONA in Brazil

Brazil is a priority country in ACCIONA's internationalisation strategy. The company began operating there in 1996 and has developed infrastructure projects for public and private clients including: the refurbishment of Luz Station in São Paulo, management and operation of the Londrina-Warta-Cambé-Cambará (Econorte) toll road, construction of a Volkswagen Group factory in Resende, and refurbishment of the Vera Cruz Film Studio complex, the Julio Prestes Train Station (transformed into a concert hall), and the Martiniano de Carvalho building in São Paulo, currently Telefónica's headquarters.

Other recent projects include a 25-year contract awarded in 2007 to finance, resurface, maintain, widen and operate the BR-393/RJ toll road. This section of the road, which runs parallel to the border between the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro as far as the Dutra road (BR-116), is 200.4 km long and daily traffic is currently 5,500 vehicles.

In 2009, ACCIONA expanded into Brazil's water management market: it was selected by Copasa, the public-private partnership responsible for water supply and treatment in Minas Gerais and Brazil's second largest water utility, to provide technical assistance in the operation and maintenance of the Arrudas wastewater treatment plant in the region of Sabará. The plant spans 64 hectares and has the capacity to treat 4.5 cubic metres per second, serving 1.6 million people. The contract is worth 25 million euros.

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