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Adif and ACCIONA team up to step up the use of renewable energies in Spain’s railway network


Adif, one of the major players in electrical energy in Spain, supports the overall efficiency of the Spanish energy market and the maximum social and environmental profitability of the country's railway network.

In 2012, ACCIONA will supply renewables-based electricity for more than 70% of Adif's HT electricity requirements for managing Adif's numerous High Speed Rail and Iberian-gauge railway lines.

The use of clean energy, with its low carbon footprint, supports energy efficiency and environmental responsibility in the railway sector, making the most of the new opportunities that arise in the electrical energy markets. 

In 2012, Adif and ACCIONA will help to step up the use of renewables-based energies for HT electricity supply for managing and developing of Spain's national railway network.

Under the terms of the contract awarded at the end of 2010, over the coming year ACCIONA Green Energy, an ACCIONA subsidiary dedicated to energy sales, will supply renewables-based HT electricity to meet more than 70% or Adif's electricity needs for the running of a number of High Speed rail and Iberian-gauge railway lines.

The lines involved are the High Speed Rail (HSR) lines of Madrid-Barcelona, Madrid-Seville and Madrid-Valladolid; the Madrid and Barcelona regional railway networks; the conventional-gauge lines of Madrid-Galicia-Asturias-Basque Country, and Alcázar de San Juan-Andalusia, as well as the electricity supply for a range of buildings, stations and other Adif facilities. 

This way Adif, one of the major players in the Spain's HT electrical energy market, not only ensures transparency and fairness with the companies and proposals selected through a tender process, but also supports the overall efficiency of the energy market and the maximum social and environmental profitability of the Spanish railway network.

In accordance with Adif's commitment to achieving energy efficiency and responsible environmental management, the company will consume an estimated 2.115 billion kWh's worth of ACCIONA Green Energy clean energy.

In this respect, Adif's use of 100% renewables-based energy will be based on a management process aimed firmly at public service and the principles of sustainability, economic efficiency, safety and operational efficiency, innovation and socially responsibility, which will take the shape of a range of initiatives in the spheres of environmental sustainability, energy efficiency and corporate social responsibility.

100% renewable energy

In recent years, ACCIONA has lent its weight to the sale of CNE-certified 100% renewable energy to end-users, a business activity which has been very well received by large corporate clients.

Thanks to this activity, ACCIONA has consolidated its vertical integration as a global leader in renewable energies, covering activities across the sector's entire value chain, from the development, engineering, construction   and start-up of facilities, to running them as owners, O&M and energy sales.

ACCIONA also manages sales of the electricity pool of energy produced at the Group's facilities, as well as other Special Regime producers. This makes ACCIONA the non-dominant operator with the greatest volume of energy traded on the Spanish market.

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