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ACCIONA, one of the world's biggest R&D investors


ACCIONA is the Spanish company that most increased its R&D and Innovation spending in 2012, and the 3rd Spanish company that most invested in R&D in the same period, according to the "The Global Innovation 1000", an annual study caried out by Booz & Company, a management consulting firm.

In 2011 ACCIONA ranked 620 on the table compiled by Booz and Company; since then it has risen to position 461, having increased its R&D and Innovation spending from 93.6 M € in 2011 to 166.2 M € in 2012 .

ACCIONA's concept of innovation should be understood not only in purely technological terms, but also as an operational and development dimension of new business models aimed at developing and attaining competitive advantages in our main lines of business, namely, Energy, Water and Infrastructure. (Read more about ACCIONA's Innovation)

The overall "The Global Innovation 1000" table is topped by Volkswagen (with 11.4 billion euro) , followed by Samsung (10.4 billion) , Roche (10.2 billion) , Intel (10.1 billion) and Microsoft (9.8 billion).

To read the study, go to "The Global Innovation 1000"

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