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ACCIONA Agua leads an EU project to improve water reuse in coastal areas


The OFREA project draws on desalination techniques to improve the quality and use of treated water, as well as reducing energy consumption.

The project, with a budget of nearly one million euros will run for three years and will be carried out in partnership with the Sanitation and Wastewater Treatment Agency of the Spanish region of Murcia.

ACCIONA, a global leader in renewable energy, infrastructure and water services, will lead a European Union research project to improve the quality of treated water in coastal areas and extend its use.

The EU selected the Acciona Agua-led OFREA project as part of the LIFE+ Programme, which supports high-potential environment-related R&D and Innovation projects.

The main goal of the OFREA project is to increase the percentage of reused wastewater in areas where the high salt content of treated water puts limits on its subsequent use. This is often the case in coastal areas. ACCIONA Agua will conduct research on new desalination techniques for wastewater treatment; it will also look at how to reduce energy costs and determine the additional treatments required for different end-uses.

The project will have three stages: a theoretical study, its application at a pilot plant and roll-out to ACCIONA-managed water treatment facilities worldwide. The three-year project has a budget of close to one million euros.

The Sanitation and Wastewater Treatment Agency of the Spanish region of Murcia, which manages the region's sanitation and wastewater facilities, will also take part in the project.

ACCIONA Agua is a global leader in the efficient management of water, a limited and scarce resource. Its research, development and innovation activities contribute decisively to its technological leadership. ACCIONA Agua's investment in R&D has led to continued improvements in the efficiency and sustainability of its Operation and Maintenance operations, achieving reductions in energy consumption, odor and noise, and extending the use of treated water.

ACCIONA Agua has a research centre based in Barcelona (northeast Spain) (watch video) which employs 30 skilled professionals dedicated to applied R&D in the fields of desalination and water treatment.

The LIFE+ programme is the European Commission's environmental funding arm and one of the main tools at the service of the EU's environment policy. LIFE+ contributes to the application, development and improvement of the Union's environment policy, as well as helping to integrate environment issues in other EU policies. LIFE+ supports the development of new solutions for the EU's environmental problems and helps to apply the community-wide policy defined in the EU Sixth Action Programme on the Environment.


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