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    The Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care Centre

    We were committed to bringing our global experience to deliver a first-class facility that provided measurable benefits to the Victoria community through all stages of the project’s development. 

    General information

    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
    Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) and the Province of British Columbia
    Our role
    Concessionaire, Design & Construct Contractor, Soft Facility Manager
    320,000-square-foot elder-friendly hospital
    Completion date

    The Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care Centre is an example of how public-private partnerships can deliver social infrastructure, while integrating innovative, sustainable building practices for the betterment of the community. ACCIONA hopes to set a standard for similar developments throughout North America, and we have set that standard quite high with this project, which is one of the largest LEED Gold-certified medical buildings in North America.


    • 500-bed facility with more than 80 percent single-bed rooms for patient and family comfort
    • Sustainable building practices: LEED Gold certified, Pacific Green theme and elder-friendly design
    • Pebble Partnership Project, helping healthcare providers to push beyond standard design expectations in order to encourage innovative progression in how the industry can improve and be more effective through the built environment

    Why this project is important

    ACCIONA Infrastructures is a new name to Vancouver Island, so we made it a priority to work closely with the local construction community to establish good working relationships based on trust and confidence. We have taken this initiative very seriously by bringing on board a community relations officer to liaise with the community and answer any questions or concerns as quickly as possible. Additionally, we recognize the invaluable contributions of our Consortium partners: Innisfree, Lark Group, HCP Canada, and Cannon.  The strength of our team was vital to winning the project and has ensured a high-quality product will be delivered.

    Making our client’s vision to build an “innovative environment that inspires caring and the pursuit of excellence” was the primary focus for ACCIONA as we began to design the new Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care Centre. The new facility will answer the greater demands for treatment and healthcare for the growing aging population of the Capital Region District.

    One of the primary focuses for this project was to create an elder-friendly environment, comprising of features like more single-bed rooms for comfort and privacy, as well as the outdoor space so patients and family can enjoy nature during their time spent in the hospital’s landscaped areas. We have used sound-minimizing material on the floors, ceilings and walls, as well as inter-hospital communication devices that avoid background noises, improving the patients’ experience and allowing necessary relaxation.

    Furthermore, the hospital is a partner in the Pebble project, which is an international industry initiative that challenges healthcare establishments, along with their designers, to introduce pioneering, evidence-based design practices to create healing environments that encourage the highest quality of care, advance safety standards and increase overall effectiveness and efficiency. For example, wall color and patterns, healing art themes and consideration of patient views from room windows will all create a calming environment for the caregivers and cared-for alike. The overall design will be ergonomic in its approach, reducing patient stress and thereby improving wellness and recovery rates. The measurable best-practice design methods are quantified and shared with other Pebble partners in an effort to continue the innovation and quality of care for future healthcare organizations.


    How the project is sustainable

    Sustainable development practices are of key importance during the construction of the new Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care Centre, and we have employed the use of the first sedimentation tank automatic wheel wash system in Victoria, which will prevent construction debris from being washed off-site. In the building design, we are incorporating cisterns into the foundation of the building, allowing rain water from the roof to be collected and retained for summer irrigation. The irrigation system will serve to water, in the dry season, the green roof and other landscaped areas that will be planted to deflect solar heat gain and enhance the surrounding environment.

    Utilizing green design principles outlined by VIHA and the British Columbia Government’s aim to make all new social infrastructure projects LEED Gold, our design team has followed both hospital best practices and clinical innovation trends to meet these goals. In achieving a design that meets the level of LEED Gold, sustainability, innovation, conservation and energy-efficient design need to be incorporated to achieve a LEED score of 39 points. The team has a target score to date of 42 points and is incorporating all of the required criteria into the design and construction process.

    In accordance with Green Buildings BC and other internationally recognized experts, ACCIONA is committed to executing the new Royal Jubilee Hospital Patient Care Centre to Pacific Green standards, which focus on two main premises: design and environment.

    From a design perspective, we have used energy-efficient equipment and design, as well as sustainable materials, resources and mechanical systems, to achieve LEED Gold certification. A key design feature is the creation of convenient cyclist and pedestrian paths, as well as public transit connectivity to the surrounding community, which will alleviates reliance on motor vehicle use. As a means of encouraging healthy living and low carbon-emitting transportation for staff, showers are available on-site for cyclists and walkers/runners.

    As for the environment, the Pacific Green theme has been incorporated via increased access to nature and the use of fresh air ventilation systems, which are key aspects contributing to overall health. The architecture of the new building will allow the use of natural light inside during peak power usage, minimizing the need for excess electrical lighting.


    What people are saying

    “All across the province, we are investing billions of dollars in new and expanded health facilities and hospitals to improve access to quality patient care. The new Royal Jubilee Hospital will expand the bed capacity by close to 25 percent, provide more comfort and privacy for patients, and be a world-class, energy-efficient facility designed as a Centre of Excellence in elder care for Island patients.”
    - Premier Gordon Campbell

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