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    Port of Salina Cruz

    The expansion opened up the possibility of incorporating significant new commercial routes to the port, given that it can accept larger vessels.

    The expansion of the navigation channel is the most significant project carried out at the Port of Salina Cruz for several decades, given its relevance and the size of the investment. A total of 115 metres of the existing breakwater were cut away, and 165 metres of new breakwater were built in order to deepen the harbour from a bottom depth of 80 metres to 120 metres, and thus allow access by larger vessels than previously, as well as the installation of appropriate lighting for the area.

    This expansion makes it possible to open up nighttime operations and improve the safety of the vessels, enabling the port to be integrated into new significant commercial routes and attract new market segments in foreign and domestic traffic.

    General Information

    Salina Cruz, Oaxaca (Mexico)
    Contract type
    removal of 115 m of the existing breakwater and construction of 165 m of breakwater to the east, in a north-south direction, slightly parallel to the west breakwater, with the aim of deepening the bottom depth from 80 to 120 m. The slopes for the east breakwater were 2:1 both on the sea side and on the port side
    Year of project completion

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