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    Alvarado Solar Thermal Plant

    First plant with parabolic troughs installed by ACCIONA in Spain.

    Connected to the grid in September 2009, the Alvarado plant was one of the first five solar thermal plants built by ACCIONA in Spain, following the successful experience of Nevada Solar One in the USA. Its 50 MW of power can generate clean energy equivalent to the consumption of some 28,000 homes, from the sun's heat energy.


    Alvarado, Badajoz, Spain
    50 MW
    Solar thermal with parabolic troughs
    ACCIONA Energía (85%), Mitsubishi Corp. (15%)


    • First solar thermal plant installed by ACCIONA in Spain.
    • Annual average production of 102 GWh, equivalent to the demand of 28,000 homes in the area.
    • 184,320 mirrors aligned over 73.3 kilometres of collectors.
    • 98,000 tonnes per year of CO2 emissions prevented from coal-fired power plants.
    • 130 hectares of solar farm.
    • ACCIONA's proprietary solar collector technology.
    • Creation of 350 jobs during construction and 30 stable jobs in the operation phase.

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