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    Monte Alto Solar Garden, Milagro

    The facility at Monte Alto, in Milagro (Navarra), is perhaps the best known of all 19 solar gardens developed by ACCIONA in Spain.

    "Solar gardens" are groups of individually-owned photovoltaic properties in one facility, sharing common structures and services. Located in Navarra, Castilla-La Mancha, Extremadura and Aragon, the solar gardens developed by ACCIONA produce a total power of 62 MWp and bring together more than 3,500 owners.


    Milagro, Navarra (Spain)
    Peak power
    9.50 MWp
    Photovoltaic solar with azimuthtracking
    753 individual owners
    ACCIONA Energía
    • Average annual production of 14 GWh.
    • Clean energy equivalent to the demand of some 4,000 homes.
    • 864 solar trackers (with capacities of 5 kW and 11 kW) and 25 fixed structures.
    • 51 hectares of surface area.
    • 13,400 tonnes per year of CO2 emissions prevented.
    • 250 hectares of surface area.
    • Development of one of the world's largest photovoltaic facilities at the time.
    • Complex management scheme, with more than 750 individual owners.
    • Adaptation to a low hill relief.
    • Proprietary-design azimuth solar trackers.


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