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    La Rioja Ecopark

    ACCIONA designed and built Spain's La Rioja mechanical biological treatment ecopark facilities.

    The La Rioja Ecopark complex was built by ACCIONA as a benchmark for Urban Solid Waste Mechanical Biological Treatment facilities. Located in La Rioja, the plant uses the organic elements obtained from USW to produce biogas and compost. The biogas is then converted into energy using cogeneration engines, and the compost is matured and refined to be used as fertiliser.


    • 10,000 tonnes of refuse per year from selective collection
    • 35,000 tonnes of dehydrated sludge per year
    • 5,000 tonnes of trimmings per year used for sludge maturation
    • 6 horizontal digesters: 75,000 tonnes per year
    • Biogas generation: 8,900,000 Nm3 per year
    • 6 compost tunnels with capacity for 35,000 tonnes per year
    • Estimated electricity generated per year: 4.18 million kW
    • Biomethanisation system employs anaerobic digestion of the organic elements, using biogas in cogeneration engines
    • Compost system


    Location: Villamediana de Iregua, Spain

    Client: Consorcio de Aguas y Residuos de La Rioja (La Rioja Water and Waste Consortium)

    Technology: Waste to energy

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