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Noor 1

ACCIONA helped to construct this 160 MW solar thermal energy plant in the province of Ouarzazate, Morocco. This marks the largest contract awarded to a Spanish company in Morocco.

Noor I Solar Thermal Complex is located near the city of Ouarzazate, at the gates of the Sahara desert and at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. This location allows the plant to take advantage of excellent solar and environmental conditions at this very remote site. The facility has an installed capacity of 160 MW and the investment totalled around 500 million euros. The technology installed employs parabolic trough collectors and an energy storage system that uses molten salts to generate electricity in the absence of solar radiation. 

Construction and commissioning of the plant were completed in March 2016. ACCIONA is a member of an EPC construction consortium with experience in solar thermal power plants and electrical generation facilities worldwide, meaning that your project's success is all but guaranteed.

ACCIONA has a strong track record with complex construction projects and contract structures that involve multiple stakeholders and multicultural contexts. ACCIONA Industrial is a major player in the field of development, construction, and use of solar and renewable facilities. This power plant's technology is called Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), and it uses parabolic trough collectors. ACCIONA is familiar with this technology because we have developed similar facilities in Spain and abroad, both for our own operations as well as those of our clients.


  •          Thermal storage using molten salts for 3.5 hours
  •          Produces 500 GWh of clean energy per year
  •          Prevents 240,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year
  •          Can provide electricity to 135,000 homes in the area


Location: Ouarzazate, Morocco

Client: ACWA Power

Capacity: 160 MWe

Contract type: EPC - Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning

Technology: Parabolic trough collectors with thermal storage using molten salts for 3.5 hours

Year construction ended: 2016

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