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    Costa Tropical Contract

    Overall improvement in the quality of provision, both in terms of sanitation and security of the supply. Environmental improvements, such as a reduction in the consumption of natural resources as a result of the improvement of the performance of networks, a reduction in energy consumption and improvement of rivers and beaches thanks to wastewater treatment. Supports economic growth by ensuring the supply of drinking water in an area with scarce resources.

    The close collaboration with the Association of Municipalities has meant that it has been possible to attract investments (upgrades to drinking water treatment plants, potable water tanks, conveyance systems, etc.), by other administrations. Also worthy of note is the research work carried out through agreements with the University of Granada and ACCIONA Agua's RDI Department, as well as a social action program focused on raising awareness about the water management cycle at schools and neighbourhood associations.

    These years of work have resulted in the extension of the concession up to 2045, which entails the investment of more than 32,000 Euros in renovation projects and improvement of networks in the municipalities, by means of an improvement fee.

    General Information

    Granada, Spain
    Contract type
    Treatment, raw water intake, treated water supply, sanitation and treatment
    Equivalent population
    122,996 inhabitants

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